Published Bids


This is to notify all Revaamp Awareness Agents and Value Partners that Revacom and Lawquest Foundation has secured a contract for the marketing of room vouchers for Bel Classcia Hotel, Abuja.
Any Agent or Value Partner who is desirous of bidding for Marketing Right can complete and submit his/her bid through the Revaamp bidding portal before 4pm Thursday 27th May,2021.

Transaction number: LQF/REVAAMP/127
Client: Bel Classcia Hotel
Transaction Type: Marketing of Room vouchers
Number of available lots: 30
Open market price`: N16,000 per lot
Offer price to end users: N7,800 per lot
Off-take Price to Awareness Agents: N5,200 per lot
Administrative fee: N100 per lot
Profit: N2,000 per lot
Transaction Deposit: N1,000 per lot
Transaction cycle: 14 days

All successful bidders shall be required to market the vouchers to prospective guests.
Marketing flyer shall be published on the platform.
Where a successful bidder is not able to sell any room(s) but is able to introduce 5 new Revaamp Agents to the Revaamp awareness platform, he or she shall be entitled to a refund of transaction deposit and the sum of N400 per lot as promotional fee.

• Must be up-to-date with registration
• Must have introduced a minimum of 2 new Revaamp Agents on the Revaamp awareness platform within 30 days before the last day of submission of this bid.

• Number of Revaamp Agents Introduced.
• Number of value partners introduced.
• Number of vouchers sold under the programme

• Any person who is duly registered as an awareness agent or value partner shall have the right to offer the vouchers to purchasers; However, while he/she is entitled to Agency fee where a successful sale is made, he/she shall not be entitled to the promotional fee.
• Where a successful bidder fails to pay the transaction deposit and administrative fee within the given period,he/she shall lose the lot(s) given and shall pay a penalty equivalent to 10% of profit he or she will earn from a subsequent transaction.

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