The sum total of goods and services produced in Nigeria is approximately US$ 400bn, less than 10% of this is exported from this country, meaning we consume about US$ 360bn worth of goods and services annually.

In the Leadership 4 Leadership e-Commerce Programme, everyone gets an opportunity to participate and earn money from the sale of regular day of day goods across the country.

Based on this, every Nigerian can claim up US $1,800 per annum even from this underperforming economy. Yet, we are poverty capital of the world and are struggling to pay minimum wage of $80 to $90 per month.

The problem with Nigeria is distribution of wealth. It’s that simple.

We have people, we just don’t have enough outlets to create value. Which is why the Leadership 4 Leadership e-Commerce programme was created.

In this programme, every participant has an opportunity to bid and win the right to sell  products that people buy regularly.

To make it easier for you to sell these products, the products will have the following features;

1) They will be authentic and from the original manufacturers.

2) They will be discounted such that you can’t find the product at lower price anywhere else.

Remember, the goal is to build a marketplace where people can participate in the sale of products and earn money.

Your journey to financial independence starts when you click here http://bit.ly/Leadership4Leadership to join the telegram group.

Upon joining the group, you will be required to formally register as awareness agents @ https://lawquestfoundation.org/reg_awareness to enable you participate in the bids for transactions that will be published regularly on the telegram platform.