In August 2012, it was estimated that Nigeria had a housing deficit of 17 million, a deficit that has clearly grown in last 8 years. Currently, less than 100,000 houses are built annually. To be able to bridge the housing deficit, 700,000 houses must be developed annually. This is clearly a tall order for an economy that has shrunk an average of over 4.5% in the last 2 quarters.

The Real Estate industry currently contribute less than an average of 7 percent to the GDP of Nigeria and under one percent to employment.

The main issue with real estate development is a misunderstanding of its core principles which has resulted to shutting out people from the industry. Real estate is essentially about the creative of use of land by people (government, traditional communities, individuals etc.) to create value for people.

Our Real Estate Value Aggregation and Maximization Programme (REVAAMP) is aimed at bringing all manner of stakeholders across the real estate value chain together, providing them the right information and promoting a platform for all parties to participate and create wealth. By stakeholders we mean everyone, from traditional communities to the individual unemployed youths within that community; there is an opportunity for every participant to invest their agency and make money for themselves as well as contribute to the development of the sector as a whole.

We are helping landowners claim optimum value from their asset; we are also providing an opportunity for young people to participate in the creation of value from every piece of property.

For instance, do you know every adult Nigerian, including those in the diaspora, are entitled to a mortgage fund to buy any house of their choice in Nigeria?

Under our programme we can help all our participants access the NHF loan with no stress at all through our intermediation and aggregation services.

We are leveraging on technology to connect stakeholders of the real estate value chain to participate in real estate business in a manner that optimally unlocks and delivers all potential benefits to all the participants in every transaction.

REVAAMP is truly your guaranteed passport to real income.

Start the journey by following this link http://bit.ly/REVAAMP to join out telegram awareness and transactions platform.

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