1. Third Party Guarantee Solution

This is a solution that can be utilized by an investor who is desirous of taking an investment position on

a property or properties under construction. The  investor must have funds in a saving account,

which can be used to secure payment for the property of properties on an agreed date when construction must have been completed.

  1. Premium  Discount Solution

This is a solution that can be used for the financing and development of a site and services scheme.

  1. Sale and Buy Back Solution

This is a solution that can be used to unlock capital from a developed property with existing Tenants.

Under this Solution the owner of the property sells same to an Investor at a price lower than the market

value with an agreement to eventually Repurchase it at a future date.

  1. Club Investment Solution

This is an Investment Solution that can be used where two or more persons are desirous of  investing

jointly towards the ownership of a property or properties.

  1. Real Intervention Solution

This Solution can be applied towards the rescue of a project that has been abandoned for lack of funds.

  1. Cash Advantage Solution

This is a Solution that enables a purchaser of a house yet to be built to pay partly in cash and for

consideration other than cash. It engenders a quick development of an estate as funds that ordinarily

should be used in payment for land is deployed towards the construction of the proposed building.

  1. Land Swap Solution

This Solution is utilized in the development of property where the land owner’s main participation

is the contribution of his or her land as equity.

  1. Equity Release Solution

As the name suggest, this Solution can be used for the release of capital from property for sale pending

when the property will be finally sold to an end user.

  1. Primary Off-take Solution

This is a Solution that enables Investors to earn very good return in Agriculture by Off-taking of Produce

from Rural Farmers through a well secured and de- risked arrangement.

  1.  Proxy Farming Solution

This is a Solution that enable all adults to invest and earn money in Agriculture and Agribusiness

as Proxy Farmers without being involved in the day to day Farming activities. Its development was

inspired by existing practices within traditional Societies in Africa.

  1.  Food Court Solution

This is a Solution that enables all adult Africans (especially those with low Investment capital) to

invest jointly as Value Partners and earn sustainable income in food related Real Estate business.

  1.  Sub – Consolidation Solution

This is a Solution that enables any Participating adult African at home or in diaspora to earn income from

distributing within his/her neighborhood food and agricultural items that he/she receives from time

to time on credit under the Hectare by Hectare program.

  1. Sub-Aggregation Solution

This is a Solution that enables any Adult African to earn income from promoting Food Distribution

without physically keeping stock of any goods and without running around.

  1. Farm To Home Agency Solution

This is a Solution that allows every African youth an opportunity to Earn Income from Premium discount

forward and input supply contracts under the Hectare by Hectare programe without running around.

  1. Secondary Title Solution

This is a solution that enables every adult African to own an investment in Real Estate no matter how much funds he/she at his/her disposal.

  1. Trade Cluster Solution

This is a solution designed to enable Manufacturing Companies in Africa to accelerate the distribution

of their products all over the Continent without going through the traditional models of market


  1.         Student Housing Solution

This is a solution for financing the development of student housing or student Hostels in Tertiary Institutions across Africa. The solution enables any investor to invest and own a bed space, room or rooms in any hostel to be developed under the Revaamp Student Housing Scheme.

  1. Project Management Solution

This is a solution that can be utilized to solve the problem of lack of Trust, delays in Projects

completion and delivery.

  1.   Room Voucher Solution

This is a solution that enables a Hotel guest pay less for Hotel room addition to receiving cash reward for every Night he or she lodges in the Hotel.

  1.  Real Estate Agency Solution

This is a solution that enables everyone to participate and earn passive income from Real

Estate Agency with ease without running around.

  1.   Lease to Own Mortgage Solution

This is a local solution developed to address the problem of mortgage and housing deficit in Africa.

It development was inspired by two traditional practices in most African societies i.e esusu (monthly

money contributions) and the age long practice and support system of community members coming

together to build houses for one another.