***** Single-Digit Interest Loan Available *****
***** Loan Repayment tied to proceeds of the Farm/Farms *****
With very low equity contribution per farm lot, you can invest and stay in the comfort of your home/office and let our technical team and resident farmers, farm and manage your farm/farms for you

The Land Owners, entered into a development agreement with Adasomi Development Company Limited (ADCL), for the development of its farm land into a Hectare By Hectare farm estate.

Pursuant to the development agreement, Adasomi has planned the land into a farm estate comprising of 283 farm plots. See attached layout.

  1. Minimum size of each farm plot——–10,000sqm i.e. 1 hectare
  2. A prospective proxy farmer is required to pay an application fee of N10, 000 per plot into the nominated project account upon demand of same by ADCL.
  3. A proxy farmer shall upon allocation of plot, be required to make the payments as contained in the schedule of fees upon demand of same by ADCL.
  4. Upon payment of the application fee and payment of fees contained in the schedule of fees, a contract for the grant of 20 years farming rent shall be executed in favour of proxy farmer.
  5. However, a proxy farmer may also choose the credit option i.e. payment of the required fees in arrears upon establishment and commencement of farming activities on his/her plot.
  6. Where a proxy farmer chooses a credit option, he/she shall be required to provide an undertaking to make the said payment in addition to a service charge of N20,000 per lot.
  7. After each harvest, participant/investor shall be entitled to 70% of profit due on his/her farm plot(s).
  8.  Resident farmers shall be employed to provide farming services for all the farms within the estate as well as supervising farm laborers that would be employed for the maintenance of each farm plot(s).
  9. Where a proxy farmer is desirous of having a remote electronic access for monitoring of his/her farm he or she shall pay an additional monthly fee of N2500.
  10.  Upon the request of any proxy farmer, Adasomi shall provide Inter-mediation services for processing of Agric Loan to enable him/her to pay the fees contained in the schedule.
  11.  Subject to other terms and conditions, net interest payable on the loan shall not be more than 9% per annual.


  1. At the discretion of the proxy farmer, harvested maize could be pre-sold to a primary off-taker, could be delivered to him/her, sold to a secondary off-taker/end user or alternatively preserved for him/her at any warehouse within the Hectare by Hectare value chain.
  2. Where the maize is preserved in the approved warehouse, the proxy farmer shall receive Adasomi warehouse voucher detailing the value of his/her stock in the warehouse.
  3. The proxy farmer could from time to time trade on this voucher to enable him/her unlock value of his/her stock stored in the warehouse.
  4. Upon the sale of harvested crops, net income due to a proxy farmer shall be determined after all legitimate deductions are made.
Schedule of other fees payable for each farm plot
1Deposit for farming right (This deposit in addition to 5% of gross yearly income from each farm shall constitute the entire fee for a 20years farming right to be granted to each proxy farmer)25,000
2Community development levy3,000
3Cost of land preparation, planting and harvesting40,000
4Cost of seedlings and farm inputs76,000
5Premium deposit for fire & special perils insurance, for the protection of the investment1,500
6Premium deposit for yield protection insurance, for securing the projected yield.10,000
7Infrastructure fee for 6months42,600
8Legal fee20,000
9Agency fee35,000
10Survey fee13,000
11Training fee for resident farmers10,000
12Cost of labour for 6months40,500
13Management fee for 6 months57,600
14Consultancy fee10,000
15Security fee for 6 months36,000
 Total amountN420,200
Notes & Assumptions:
  • Duration for each farming cycle is four(4) months

  • Two farming cycles shall be achieved within 12 months.

  • Off season farming shall be aided by irrigation

  • Minimum yield per hectare shall be 2 tons @ a minimum of N230,000 per ton.

  • With determined efficiency, 3 tons could be achieved per hectare thereby increasing the revenue and dividend for stakeholders.

  • Higher revenue could be achieved where there is an increase in the present minimum off-take price of N230,000 per ton.

  • For optimal return on investment, a minimum of 3 farm plots per investor is recommended.

  • Monthly management fee of N9,600 shall subsequently be deductible from harvest proceeds of each farming cycle.

  • Monthly labour cost of N6,750 shall subsequently be deductible from harvest proceeds of each farming cycle.

  • Monthly infrastructure fee of N7,100 shall subsequently be deductible from harvest proceeds of each farming cycle.

  • Cost of land clearing and irrigation shall be borne by infrastructure partner(s)

NOTE: Driven by the Hectare by Hectare BUY AND GET PAID Reward initiative, the numerous members of Hectare by Hectare premium (consumers) Cooperative Societies; constitute the bulk of the secondary off-takers/end users. 

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