Own a Poultry Farm Business @ Kanuco Hectare By Hectare Poultry Farm, Gwagwalada, FCT, Abuja

Own a Farm Lot/ Lots @ Kanuco Hectare By Hectare Poultry Farm, Gwagwalada, FCT, Abuja

***** Single-Digit Interest Loan Available *****
***** Loan Repayment tied to proceeds of the Farm Lot/Lots *****

With very low equity contribution per farm lot, you can invest and stay in the comfort of your home/office and let our technical team and resident farmers farm and manage your farm lot/lots for you


Kanuco Investment Services Limited entered into a development agreement with Adasomi Development Company for the integration of its Poultry Farm into the Hectare by Hectare programme.

Pursuant to the development agreement, Adasomi has planned to deploy its HBH Funding Model in providing opportunities to proxy farmers by taking up the available 900 farm lots under its Adasomi Farm Estates Scheme.

Terms and Conditions

  • A proxy farmer shall upon expression of interest receive a formal offer letter for his/her interest. 
  • Upon receipt of a formal offer letter, the proxy farmer is required to deposit the total amount in his/her name as contained in the schedule of fees with our escrow partner UBA PLC, in an interest yielding account.
  • A proxy farmer shall be entitled to 70% of gross quarterly profit on each of his/her farm lot.
  • Each Proxy Farmer shall receive a grant of farming right for 7 years duly executed in his / her favour by ADCL on behalf of Kanuco Investment Services Limited.
  • Resident Farmers shall be employed to provide extension services for the poultry as well as supervising farm laborers that would be employed for the maintenance of the poultry.
  • Upon the request of any proxy farmer, Adasomishall provide Inter-mediation services for processing of Agric Loan to enable him/her to pay the fees contained in the schedule.
  • Subject to other terms and conditions, net interest payable on the loan shall not be more than 9% per annum.
  • Except on request by the proxy farmer, ADCL shall be responsible for selling the eggs to primary and secondary off-takers within the Hectare by Hectare value chain.
  • All allocations shall be on a first come, first served basis.
  • Where an applicant fails to get an allocation of lot/lots, his/her application fee shall be refunded.

Schedule of Fees Payable Per Lot

SCHEDULE I                            

Cost of procuring 50 birds N100,000
Consultancy fee for 5 monthsN2000
Agency fee  N35,000
Deposit of Premium for poultry insurance and Avian Enfuenza A, burglary and fire and peril policyN21,667
Sub-Total   N158,667


Cost of feed for 5 months N88,132
Cost of vaccine for 5 months      N1,100
Cost of training for resident farmer/farmhands  N167
Vet doctors fee for 5 months N56
Management fee for 5 monthsN800
Infrastructure fee for 5 monthsN7,500
Cost of labour for 5 monthsN4,375
Service charge for 5 monthsN6,250
Miscellaneous for 5 monthsN833
Grand TotalN267,880

Initial InvestmentProjected cost for the remaining 13 monthsProjected yield per cycle
N267,880   N280,847.80 Eggs – 777 creates Present market value – N1,285,500 Old layers – 30birds(less losses) Present market value – N120,000
  • Layers will be procured at point of lay.
  • Layers will start laying eggs 5 weeks from date of procurement.
  • Layers will continue to lay eggs for a period of 74 weeks from the date of procurement.
  • 1 and a half crates of eggs will be produced per day.
  • Each crate of eggs could be sold to primary off-takers at minimum of N1,500.
  • Part of the revenue to be generated in the first 5 months of each cycle, shall be utilized in funding the operations for the remaining 13 months of the cycle.
  • Net income due to a proxy farmer on a lot shall be determined after all legitimate deductions would have been made.
  • Quarterly payments of profit shall be payable only to the proxy farmer’s transaction account.
  • After each transaction cycle of 18 months a minimum of 30 old layers will be sold at a minimum of N4000 per bird, and the farm restocked for the next transaction cycle.
  • Two months period is allowed after each cycle for restocking.
  • Subject to compensation payable on all insured risks, all losses that occur within the transaction cycle shall be shared equally by all the proxy farmers within a cage.
  • At the discretion of the proxy farmer, each of the crates could be pre-sold to a primary off-taker.

NOTE: Driven by the Hectare by Hectare BUY AND GET PAID Reward initiative, the numerous members of Hectare by Hectare premium (consumers) Cooperative Societies; constitute the bulk of the secondary off-takers/end users.



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