Except Elijah, Enoch (who were taken to heaven without dying), I do not know of any case of anybody assumed to have made heaven without first dying physically on earth.

Since 1999 when we started our third attempt at the democratic system of Governance, the political space has always been filled with more governorship Candidates than candidates into the Houses of Assembly.

Most Governorship Candidates often claim that they want to come in and clean up the mess occasioned by the excesses of the incumbent Governor.

This syndrome is about to play up again in the 2019 elections, in almost every state of the federation as most people are focusing on the post of Governor without paying attention to those who will occupy the houses of Assembly.

A state cannot have a proper model of democracy and good governance devoid of impunity without an independent STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY properly constituted with men and women of honour and not people usually picked to be at the beck and call of the Governor. Most often these are people with little or no work experience.

My advise is that most of the people clamouring to become Governors should take another look at the option of serving the society as members of the houses of Assembly where their experiences , exposure and dignity will act as a check on the excesses of any type of Governor.

I dare say that just as no one will go to heaven without dying, that we cannot get the Ideal democratic governance that we need in any state without an Assembly constituted by men and women who in addition to experience and Knowledge, are sufficiently imbued with the shared normative values of our society.

My Take

Chijioke. H. Orji (Esq)
Is a Legal Practitioner,  Notary Public and Social Engineer based in Abuja.