About Adasomi Referral System

You must be a registered Farm To Home Agent or A Value Partner on the HectarebyHectare Program to participate.

The Hectare By Hectare Referral System helps Farm-To-Home Agents and Value Partners earn residual income by monetizing their traffic to our products and programs available on the transactions platform. Farm to Home Agents and Value Partners use easy link-building tools to direct their audience to their recommendations, and earn from qualifying purchases and programs.

How It Works

STEP 1: Register As A Farm To Home Agent Or Value Partner On The Hectare By Hectare Programme

Register as a Farm To Home Agent or Value Partner on the Hectare By Hectare Programme
Please follow relevant link for details
Farm To Home Agent Click Here
Value Partner Click Here

STEP 2: Fill And Submit Adasomi Referral Code (ARC) Application

Fill and Submit Adasomi Referral Code Application form below.
Note: You must agree to the Terms & Conditions. Please read it for clarity.

STEP 3: Fill and Submit Application Form

                                         HECTRARE BY HECTARE  REFERRAL CODE APPLICATION FORM

                      [ CLICK HERE TO OPEN FORM ]

Step 4 After Submitting Your Application Form

After Your Application Has Been Approved, You Shall Receive Your Unique Referral Code.

Now armed with your referral code, you are on your way to start earning income by doing the underlisted activities.

  1. Share Your Referral Link
    Share your referral links with your audience.
  2. Earn Residual Income

    You earn income each time a successful purchase is made. Even in your sleep, you may be earning income.


  1. How does the Hectare By Hectare referral system work?
    You only have to send your unique referral link to your audience once and each time your audience make a successful purchase you earn income. There is no limit to how many times a purchase can be made.

    2. Who can participate?
    Registered Farm-To-Home Agents and Value Partners. 3. Who can become a registered Farm-to-Home Agent or Valued Partner?

             Unemployed youths, Individuals, Bloggers, Students, anyone with an email address and smartphone       can participate in this programme

  1. How do I become a Registered Farm-to-Home Agent or a Valued Partner?

          You become a Registered Farm To Home Agent or Value Partner by completing an application form on the     Hectare By Hectare Program website. See links to relevant details and registration.

Farm To Home Agent
 Click Here

           Value Partner Click Here

  1. How do I earn income as a Farm-to-Home Agent or a Value partner?
    You earn income by sharing our products links with your audience. We have customized linking tools for our Farm-To-Home-Agents and Value Partners. You can earn upto 10% on each successful sale until infinity.

    6. How do I sign up to this referral system?
    After registering as a Farm to Home Agent or Value Partner, you visit the HectareByHectare Transactions Platform [Click Here] when there, click on “Earn Residual Income” and the follow instructions it’s that simple