The Federal government has officially unveiled the registration portal for the N75 Billion Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF), thereby paving the way for interested young Nigerians between the age of 18-35 years old to apply.

In this programme, the Federal Government is disbursing between 250,000 and 5 million naira loans to young Nigerians that can provide justification for the business loan.

Under our Hectare by Hectare programme, we have decided to help young people access this fund and enable them create value for the themselves and the economy of Nigeria.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the price of food grew by 16.66% from September 2019 to September 2020.

In fact, in only one month (August to September 2020), there was a 1.88% rise in the price of food and the annual rise in food index is expected to exceed 22% by September 2021.

At ACDL, our Hectare by Hectare programme is designed to enable all Nigerians create and claim value in the agricultural sector. Agriculture remains by far the largest sector and main driver of the Nigeria economy, and we are creating opportunities for everyone to profit from an increase in production of agricultural goods.

We currently have the following three farm projects;

  1. Kanuco Hectare by Hectare Poultry Farm at Gwagwalada FCT
  2. IRB Goat Farm Estate at Agbala Imo State

All of these project present amazing opportunities for young people to create and claim value in the production and distribution of agricultural goods; for instance, with our poultry farm projects at Agbala Imo State and Gwagwalada FCT, an investor has the opportunity to secure farming rights for 7 years with the capacity to produce, and sell the following;

A projected number of 16 crates of eggs daily for 276 weeks

An estimated total of 2000 old layers over the same period

Based on today’s rate, these transactions in sale of eggs and the birds is estimated to earn the investor over 32 million naira and from initial investment of N1,996,670 only for Kanuco Hectare by Hectare Poultry Farm.

Our IRB Hectare by Hectare Goat Farm Estate Project sited at Agbala Imo State presents an opportunity for an investor to own a goat farm for 15 years in a venture that is projected to give the investor the capacity to breed, fatten and sell a minimum of 2400 goats over the 15 years period.

A conservative projection of expected earnings in the course of this period is in excess of 62 million naira and with only an initial investment of N1,793,550.

Our combined team of experts, with so much wealth of experience, are constantly working to ensure that all goals are met.

We also have structures in place to ensure that the investment of all participants in the programme is secured.

To start this rewarding journey, please fill the form below.

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    1. Kanuco Hectare by Hectare Poultry Farm at Gwagwalada FCT2. IRB Goat Farm Estates at Agbala Imo State


    For further enquiries please call 0806-300-6890
    send an email to info@hectarebyhectare.com.ng