For the better part of the last fifty years, Nigeria has relied entirely on crude oil; more than sixty per cent of the Federal Government’s revenue have come from the sale of crude which also account for more than ninety per cent of Nigeria’s foreign exchange. However, all of these seem to be going away, the value of crude is on a steady decline as the world begins to shed its reliance on fossil fuel.

This trend presents genuine concerns about the future of the country and how it will feed its over two hundred million people. Successive Government administrations have rolled out policies to promote agriculture; billions of dollars have either been spent, committed or pledged to help drive the promotion and development of the agricultural and food production sector.

Permit me to provide some insight into our demographics as a nation for context, over 5 of every 10 Nigerians is between the age of 15 and 39 years. This basically tells us that the largest age bracket in our Nation is at their production peak both in terms of their ability to be a source of labour and also reproduce. It is very important to add that only 2 out of every 10 Nigerians is up to 40 years and more. Hence, for the future of this country, more than ever in our history there is an urgent and dire need to build structures that provide an opportunity for Nigeria’s young population to create value and generate wealth.

At Hectare by Hectare, we have set the landscape for the development of these structures. We have created systems that provide an opportunity for young people to access the financial aid and interventions that the Federal Government has committed to the development of the agriculture, food production and rural development.

We have built an extensive ecosystem of actors and stakeholders providing everyone in the value chain an opportunity to create and claim wealth.

Hectare by Hectare Programme is the ultimate game-changer because it gives you the power to produce the value you desire.

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Hectare by Hectare is truly the ultimate game changer.

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