• ADCL shall incorporate a franchise designate company, for the territory.
  • A willing promoter shall be issued an appointment contract which empowers him/her to activate the franchise designate company for the territory.
  • The promoter shall thereafter present to ADCL the total report on the cost of setting up a franchise business in the territory.
  • ADCL shall set up a projects account for the Franchise Designate Company with the promoter as a signatory.
  • The promoter shall pay into the project account a refundable commitment fee of the sum N250,000  within one week of setting up the account.
  • The promoter shall thereafter source for a minimum of 4 shareholders who will suscribe and pay for the shares of the Franchise Designate Company.
  • Upon achieving the minimum deposit in the projects account and on the advice of the promoter an office space shall be rented and furnished and a dispatch bike bought and customized.
  • On the advice of the promoter, the sum of N1,150,000 shall be credited to ADCL for the purchase of the franchise designate company, effecting of post incorporation changes at CAC and payment of franchise fee.
  • On the advice of the promoter, the shares of the company shall be allotted in accordance to the investment of the nominated shareholders, after which all post incorporation matters transferring the ownership of the company shall be concluded at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
  • ADCL shall deliver all incorporation and post incorporation documents to the promoter and a franchise agreement shall be executed between ADCL and the Franchise Designate Company.
  • The franchise company shall be required to formally appoint a state coordinator who shall be responsible for providing management for the day to day business of the programme within the state and in return, the state coordinator shall be required to employ the following staff:

i.          Secretary/ Customer Service Officer

ii.       Operations Manager

iii.      Projects Aggregator

iv.        Relationship Officer(s)

v.         Dispatch Rider

  • Upon appointment of a state coordinator and training of the operations manager, ADCL shall grant the Franchise Company access to Adasomi Logistics App after which operations will commence.
  • ADCL shall thereafter appoint a Liaison Partner  for the state after which it shall grant the franchise designate company backend access and issue operations license for the remaining 5 software applications.
  • Upon commencement of operations all the stakeholders required for the full implementation of the programme within the territory shall be enlisted through the HBH unique on boarding processes which includes establishment of Hectare by Hectare cooperatives in every community within the state.


  • Subsequent yearly franchise fee payable by a franchise company is N1,000,000 payable in arrears.
  • Where a promoter fails to fulfill all the terms and conditions contained herein within 90 days and does not have a compelling reason(s) to warrant an extension of time, all monies less 10% paid by the promoter shall be refunded to him/her after a new promoter has been appointed.
  • The refundable deposit of N250,000 shall be refunded to the promoter upon the successful set up of the franchise business in the territory.
  • A promoter shall be entitled to N500,000 in addition  to 5% of the franchise designate company as sweat equity for his/her role in the successful set up of a franchise business within the territory.


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