Position Title:                Chief Operating Officer
Work Location:            Maitama, Abuja.
Application Deadline:   20th November, 2021.
Position Start Date:      Available Immediately

Adasomi Development Company Limited (ADCL) invites applications for a permanent position at the rank of Chief Operating Officer (COO) to drive our Hectare By Hectare agribusiness program. 
A successful candidate must possess a variety of Business and marketing skills with particular emphasis on supply chain management and Sales management.


*        Contribute to the Marketing Strengths of our programs, including obtaining competitive business grants and securing Premium Discount Contracts.

*        Support the Company’s expanding partnership program of public and private collaboration with a focus on building corporative societies across the regions

*        Effectively design and deliver a practical marketing tool that enhances our company’s on –going programs.

*        Supervise, support and create pathways for your subordinates.

*        Contribute to overall administration and management of ADCL

*        Provides direct management support to the office of the Managing Director for project planning, implementation, Monitoring and evaluation as it relates to our program and business interest.

*        Participates in administrative policy program planning and development.

*        Initiate and contribute to processes, procedures and organizational structures in order to develop or implement changes for our overall growth.  

*        Supervises managers, and trains new marketing teams, assigns administrative tasks as needed.


You will join a dynamic, engaged group in a highly collaborative and supportive work environment. Adasomi Development Company Limited (ADCL) values courage and creativity, hard work and openness, respect and integrity. As such, we see the importance of recruiting talent aligned to these values, and are looking for COO Who:

*        Has a Bsc, BA, or its equivalent in discipline directly related to Business Management or Marketing.

*        An experienced Manager, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) will have the capacity and experience to assemble, support, and lead the promotions team.

*        An ideal candidate has a relevant experience in supply chain management, Purchasing, logistics or operations management.

*        The Candidates should have demonstrated the ability to secure premium contracts and able to work independently.

*        A fluent command of English is also required, which is the business Language for all our transactions as well as a working language of Adasomi Development Company Limited (ADCL).

Only manager level candidates are considered in this opening call to apply.


Adasomi Development Company Limited (ADCL) is reconstructing how agribusiness is done. We are NOT a typical business entity you may be familiar with. We are different – something much better. We are an agribusiness company that provides safe and practical solutions to Four major problems usually encountered by stakeholders in agribusiness, i.e. access to land, capital, expertise and market (off-take of farm produce). We are known for our conceptual and innovative thinking on areas of Agribusiness. We take a balance view of technology to drive our business for both new opportunities from digital to innovation in agriculture. We equally share a passion for genuine business collaboration with the wider community through land aggregation and corporative societies. Our ever expanding circle of franchisees, resident farmers, out-growers, and other major stakeholders in the agricultural value chain currently have strong footings in the six states of the federation.

To be considered for this position, please provide a CV and a cover letter which demonstrates your suitability and enthusiasm for this role. These will provide evidence of how your experience aligns with the role.

Your employment will be conditional upon a satisfactory completion of three months with Adasomi Development Company Limited (ADCL). When you join the ADCL team, you can expect to be part of an inclusive, innovative and equity focused company that approaches business as a matter of social justice that requires collaboration among all the stakeholders.                               

If you do not possess the above basic qualifications, please do not bother to apply


Successful candidate will earn a median monthly salary of N350, 000. (Three hundred and fifty thousand naira), a monthly performance fee of N1,000,000 (one million naira) and approved commissions.

He/she will also be compensated with units of company stock.

Terms and conditions apply.

To apply, kindly send your Curriculum Vitae and cover letter now to: